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Hi! I'm Hayden Field, a journalist based in New York City specializing in tech, business and investigative features. In my current role, I'm a senior reporter for Morning Brew's technology vertical — you can subscribe here and read my work here. I'm @haydenfield on Twitter.

My previous role was reporter at Protocol, the new tech publication from the publisher of POLITICO, where I reported on tech in all forms — focusing on AI and the tech industry's shifting power dynamics. Before that, I was associate editor at Entrepreneur Magazine, writing tech, business and investigative pieces for the website I also hosted regular episodes of the podcast How Success Happens, appeared in weekly news videos and wrote features for the print magazine. I reported solo from CES 2020 and 2019 and spoke on a panel at SXSW 2019. My first longform print piece for Entrepreneur was the result of eight months of reporting and more than 30 interviews, focusing on the reasons behind the rise of vacant storefronts across America (I had the opportunity to speak about it in a segment on Yahoo! Finance). In 2018, I completed an intensive AI reporting fellowship in D.C. with the National Press Foundation. In recent years, I've moderated panels at SXSW, CES and a number of other conferences.

I've also written a variety of freelance features. My work has appeared in WIRED UK, MIT Technology Review, OneZero, Digital Trends, Mashable, Fortune Magazine, NBC News, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Elle Magazine, and others. 

​When I'm not writing, you can find me re-reading Harry Potter, listening to '90s music, camping, hiking, traveling and pursuing the elusive perfect high-five. 

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